Air Travel for Scared Cats

Chewable Anxitane can make a Difference

I will retire soon to Ecuador and my two cats will be relocating with me. The plan is for them to travel in their carriers in the aircraft cabin underneath the seat. Unfortunately this will involve several changes in aircraft. Should I break up a very long day of travel with an extra over-night or try to get the trip completed as quickly as possible? I just want to do what’s best for them – they are my best buds and leaving them behind is not an option. The kitties are both 10 years old and in good health, but they do hate traveling in the car!

Dr. Nichol:
Would your cats feel better if you explained that the three of you won’t be traveling by flying car? I didn’t think so. A shorter duration of stress would be better. I advise getting the entire journey behind you in one long, grueling day.

Cats of a certain age tend not to handle change with much aplomb. Your kitties could remain freaked out from the moment you start packing until long after you’ve hung the last picture in your new digs. Just think of all the complaining and bellyaching. You need to get a handle on their misery before it starts.

For mild to moderate fears and anxieties I recommend Anxitane – a natural chewable supplement. Anxitane contains the amino acid l-theanine, found in green tea. Your buds can start taking it a couple of weeks before the onset of chaos and continue until they’ve staked out their special places in the Ecuadorian sun. Under a beach umbrella, a couple of ice cold Coronas-hey I’m ready. Your veterinarian can order Anxitane for you.

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of behavior. Use local car travel as a gauge of just how effectively Anxitane can control your cats’ travel anxieties. If they’re still wigged out their doctor can prescribe a safe alternative called lorazepam. Beware of the tranquilizer acepromazine. While it may appear to calm pets it has no antianxiety properties. Unable to act out their fears, cats and dogs on “ace” struggle in a chemical straight jacket. I wish you and your feline pals comfort and safe travels.