Apprehensive hawk – only a kid


This fledgling hawk looks big enough to fly solo and catch rodents on the run but she’s still just a youngster. Mom was nearby, communicating freely. We think words of…

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Storm Phobia

storm phobia video thumbnail

Close the window blinds during storms. If possible keep your dog in an interior room with less outside sound White, pink, or brown noise (downloadable from the Internet) can be…

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BARKING! Anxiety & Frustration


Dogs Need a Job – Gainful Employment Confucius said, “A man (woman) who enjoys what they do never works a day in their life.” Our dogs can have that life.…

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Come when Called – on the Move

come when called

Our dogs should always come when called, whether they’re sitting and looking at us or when they’re heading off in another direction. Don’t get frustrated when ignored; train in baby…

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Teaching Stay – Part 2

teaching stay

Mick and I have practiced the stay command 2-3 times a day. I no longer need to stand in front of him to remind him of what I mean when…

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Ditch wading & bird songs


Young Mick Nichol enjoys his daily jaunts along the irrigation ditches because, well, because he’s a dog. Leaving the home territory to sniff, investigate, read the bulletin boards, and post…

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Teaching Down in Three Steps

teaching down video thumbnail

Teaching “Down” – Step 1 Dogs love to work for food. You don’t need to push a puppy to ground. Give the “Down” command as you use a treat, as…

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Teaching Stay

teaching a puppy to stay

Who wants to stay? We may not want to but a dog can, if we motivate him. Mick is just learning that if he watches me, and then I show…

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Leave It!

Leave it

How much garbage and other poop should a dog eat on a leash walk? You can yell LEAVE IT! and jerk hard on the leash but your dog may only…

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Your Dog Digs Where???

digging puppy

Digging dogs can damage a great yard. Don’t punish; it’s normal behavior. Instead, give that dirt dog its very own wonderful digging box. Make it attractive by loosening the dirt,…

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Tag Team at Aztec?

puppy kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten teaches healthy play during the sensitive period of socialization. Mick and his BFF (Welsh corgi) wrestle with wild abandon. A fun loving pug considers joining the fun and…

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Dog Brushing made Possible

puppy brushing

Some dogs hate to be groomed. But a hungry dog can earn tasty treats while lying still for gentle brushing. Sitting on the floor, rather than leaning over, will help…

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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Cats ‘n Kids

Snuggle Bunnies? Predators? If they’re close to losing impulse control they might actually communicate. Hissing, growling, spitting, ears back, pupils dilated – Cats in this mindset need space. Keep all…

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