Dr. Nichol’s Podcast – Home Wrecking, Ripping, Scratching Cats

Declawing is so ‘90s (actually ‘60s)

I was recently contacted by a 72 year old man who explained that he’d had cats his entire life. He and his wife had recently lost their cat and, as he put it, he felt lost without another companion. But – his wife insisted that any new cat in their home be declawed. He told me that he just couldn’t agree to that.

There are those who insist that cats be spared a painful procedure on one hand and there are proponents of a non-shredded house on the other. You want to do something about this, don’t you? It would seem logical to correct or punish or declaw a home-wrecking cat.

Feliscratch is a synthetic analogue of the scratching pheromone that cats feel compelled to spread around their territories. Applying liquid Feliscratch, where you want your cat to scratch, will make you the top cat, the conductor of the feline orchestra in your home, communicating in cat-speak that you actually want scratching and this is where you want it.

I hope you find this information useful. You’re welcome to share this podcast with any of your cat-loving friends. If they are considering having their cat declawed or if their fully equipped kitty is ripping up their furniture, well, they’ll be glad for the advice.

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Thanks for your dedication to your pets. I’m Dr. Jeff Nichol.