Media – Homeless Dogs – Help with the Heat

I feel bad for the dogs of homeless people during these really hot summer months as their owners beg for food on street corners. Just today I saw a man begging while his dog was next to him under a small tent. When it gets in the 90s and 100s that small tent is useless. These animals really suffer.

Dr. Nichol:
I, too, have worried about people and dogs who are exposed to our scorching sun. I have treated many cases of heat stroke. It’s tragic; they don’t all survive. The City of Albuquerque is taking steps to improve life for those who struggle to get by. I believe they and their pets deserve our care. A significant number of people who are adrift in our society suffer from mental illness. Despite the hardships to their dogs, I’m glad that some of them have that dedicated companionship.

Rather than cash maybe we could give a collapsible dog bowl and a bottle of water when stopped at a traffic light. Googling “collapsible dog bowl” I found a 2-pack for $6. Your letter has triggered me to carry them in my car, plus some water bottles to give away to down-and-out dog people. Everybody will feel a little better and maybe survive another day.

The Passing of “Miss America”
The Nichol Family dog, our wonderful “Miss America”, has passed away, just shy of her 14th birthday. She was the only girl dog I have raised from a baby. Always cheerful, she derailed our cats’ squabbles and rounded them up for us in the yard by happily running to each and touching him gently with her nose. She knew their names and ours. She remembered every friend of every species she had ever met. We shared a very special bond. Backpack trips into the wilderness were our favorite adventure.

Miss America taught empathy and kindness by her example. Anyone who was sad immediately felt her head in their lap. She cared for us every bit as much as we cared for her. Our lives are better for that love. The condolences we have received have lightened our grief. Pet people are a good bunch.