Pet Medical Insurance Saves Lives

A Good Plan can make Veterinary Expenses Affordable

A dog or cat who is sick or injured needs competent medical care but the cost can be a serious problem. Research has given us more diagnostic accuracy and some astonishing cures but it doesn’t come cheap. Like most veterinarians I’ve struggled with providing state-of-the-art medicine while keeping fees affordable but advanced training, new equipment, and drugs, added to the costs of running a small business (insurance, rent, and wages) increase every year. It’s reached the point where not everybody can afford it. Pet medical insurance can help.

Sick pets can be a mystery to their owners. They don’t speak human so it can be hard to know what’s wrong. If you’re short of cash you can watch and wait in hopes that she’ll improve on her own or you could ask your veterinarian to skip the diagnostics and just treat for what might be causing the symptoms. These are big gambles that may not end well.

Just last week I attended the Western Veterinary Conference so I could catch up on the newest and best methods. This is an exciting time in veterinary medicine because there is an explosion of knowledge but putting it to use in practice isn’t cheap. With the issue of expense fresh in mind I connected with the folks at Pet’s Best Insurance. Beyond illness and injuries their policies also cover the leading cause of death in pets under age 3-behavior problems.

I asked a lot of questions. I learned that with Pet’s Best you can choose your deductible and coverage limits and buy a policy in just 5 minutes on their website. It’s so much simpler than the byzantine monstrosity our species is stuck with.

Not everybody is a believer in pet insurance. Critics who have crunched the numbers recommend amassing a dedicated medical savings account before acquiring a pet. Try explaining that to the owner of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who swallowed a sewing needle just 3 months after starting his Pet’s Best Insurance policy. The decision to have the surgery was easy because the cost was simply not a problem.

I’ve made a career of bailing pets out of disasters and I’ve seen what happens when the cost of treatment is beyond reach. Putting a plan in place when a great pet is still healthy just makes good sense.