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Caring for pets is what I’ve wanted to do since I was 8 years old. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan I started undergraduate classes at Michigan State University as a Pre-Veterinary major just 3 days after high school graduation. What a thrill! I was on my way to reaching my dream.

As soon as I graduated from MSU veterinary school, I headed straight for New Mexico. A couple of years later I moved to California to practice and take additional training in cardiology. In 1978 I returned to Albuquerque and established an independent general veterinary hospital.  Since 2009 I have practiced behavior medicine at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Centers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

I wasn’t far into my career when pet behavior became a keen interest for me. After many years of largely general practice I started residency training in veterinary behavior medicine, completing my program in 2015. I currently devote 90% of my caseload to the diagnosis and treatment of behavior disorders of pets.

Pets are special to me. Growing up we always had cats and dogs in our home. It’s hard to imagine life without them. I believe they are here for more than just sharing life’s joys and challenges. My pets have been some of the best teachers I have ever known. The first to make a big impression on my young life was my beagle Billy Bones. We attended obedience class together and worked so hard we won third place in our first obedience trial. We were on top of the world!

Some pets and their people struggle with frustrating and sometimes destructive or even dangerous problems. Recent advancements in animal behavior are among the most exciting and important new developments in veterinary medicine. Some abnormal behaviors are a direct result of physical diseases. Being skilled in behavior as well as general medicine makes a big difference for the pets I treat. My work is rewarding but it’s often challenging.

New Mexico is a great place to call home. I love to ski and backpack with my wife Carolyn and our sons Jake and Frank. Our family includes Tony the grey tabby cat, Whitey an orphan kitty from the irrigation ditch, and a Border collie named Maddie (aka Miss America)-the dog who herds cats. We are blessed.

Dr. Jeff Nichol is a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Albuquerque Veterinary Association (past president). He is the author of three books, "Is My Dog OK?" and "Is My Cat OK”, and "A Lifetime Guide to Practical Pet Care”. The questions and answers that comprise a major portion of his three books have been a popular weekly feature of the Albuquerque Journal since 1996.


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Since 1996, I’ve shared behavior and health information, along with the joy of pet ownership, with the whole state of New Mexico. Every Friday morning concerned pet owners get answers in my Albuquerque Journal Pet Care column on the Fetch! Page. Whatever your pet problem, you’ll find that you’re not alone. Every week I explain treatments for physical ailments along with a growing number of behavior concerns. Read the column.

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