Bringing out the best in a cat or dog is a hands-on task. Seeing it in a video is often better than reading it. My goal with these videos is to make behavior management easier to understand and implement.

Avoiding Conflict – Living Gracefully

By drjeffnichol | June 5, 2023 | Comments Off on Avoiding Conflict – Living Gracefully

A peaceful existence is difficult for a lot of us in today’s world. Strife and acrimony should be rare. For a canine senior called Grace, getting up and around is becoming increasingly difficult; she has a bad back and structurally incorrect knees. But she runs and sniffs and eats and plays with the other free-ranging dogs. If you watch carefully you’ll see them making allowances, giving her a clear path. She is one of them. She belongs. Grace’s good life, as a disabled pint-sized member of a big, active canine social group, would seem anomalous but not if you understand…

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Willets of Chincoteague

By drjeffnichol | May 29, 2023 | Comments Off on Willets of Chincoteague

If you kayak from Chincoteague to Assateague Island on the Atlantic shore or Virginia you might get lucky enough to enjoy the sight of wild Spanish ponies. You’ll also have great views of willets, relaxing in the marsh. We watched these shorebirds hanging out in their flock, feeding on insects and marine worms. There were also plenty of oyster beds for their snacking. Wildlife is good for the soul. We should all be so free to live in the moment.

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Ponies of Chincoteague

By drjeffnichol | May 22, 2023 | Comments Off on Ponies of Chincoteague

Remember Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry? Well, even if you never read this excellent series of children’s books you would love a visit to Chincoteague Island. We took a kayak tour to nearby Assateague Island for a great visit (not too personal) with the wild Spanish ponies whose ancestors swam ashore, from a shipwrecked galleon off the coast of what is now Virginia, back in the 16th century. They are beauties. We slept in the Marguerite Henry room at Miss Molly’s Bed & Breakfast in Chincoteague, Virginia. This is the same room where Ms. Henry stayed and wrote these…

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My Dog Is Scared Of Men

By drjeffnichol | May 15, 2023 | Comments Off on My Dog Is Scared Of Men
dog scared of men video

A pet owner wonders how to address her dogs fear of men.

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Why Is My Older Cat Shrinking?

By drjeffnichol | May 8, 2023 | Comments Off on Why Is My Older Cat Shrinking?

Senior kitties can lose weight for some important reasons. A lot of this can be treated; some of it can be cured.

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Destruction & Panic when Alone

By drjeffnichol | May 1, 2023 | Comments Off on Destruction & Panic when Alone
destructive dog video

Destruction & Panic when Alone So what can you do if the dog who’s stolen your heart damages your house while you’re away-often? If you have a dog like this you can feel desperate. Dogs with separation anxiety can actually look forward to their alone time because that will be their chance to engage their innate survival instincts.

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Cat Toys that are Fun but may be Dangerous

By drjeffnichol | April 24, 2023 | Comments Off on Cat Toys that are Fun but may be Dangerous
cat toys video

Pets who eat nonfood items can pay a big price for their curiosity. Swallowed linear foreign material, like yarn, ribbon, or dental floss, can saw holes in the intestinal wall leading to septic peritonitis. We can protect these little guys by cat–proofing the house.

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Worried About Your Cat? At Home Exam

By drjeffnichol | April 17, 2023 | Comments Off on Worried About Your Cat? At Home Exam
cat exam video

Worried about Your Cat? – At Home Exam There are important reasons to keep a close eye on our cats. They tend to hide their illnesses and injuries. It’s just who they are. Their genetically programmed reality puts the responsibility for their well-being on their people. In this 8 minute video I will show you how to do a physical exam on your cat. Do it once a month whether you feel concerned or not. It’s not in her nature to complain.

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Cat Scratching the Furniture?

By drjeffnichol | April 10, 2023 | Comments Off on Cat Scratching the Furniture?
cat scratching photo

Scratching stuff is normal for cats. Forget punishing your kitty for scratching your good things. Our job is to set them up to scratch right.

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Is My Dog OK At Home Exam

By drjeffnichol | March 27, 2023 | Comments Off on Is My Dog OK At Home Exam

Our dogs are special to us. None of us wants there to be any problem. They need to stay well and enjoy a great long life with us. If you learn to examine your own dog at home and you’ll be able to uncover concerns early so they can be checked out by your veterinarian. You’ll also find what’s working just fine. You can feel good about that. It’s easy and we’ll make it fun. Chewy treats like jerky are great reinforcers for good behavior. Start at the front end and work your way back. Use a light to check…

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