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The following questions and answers have appeared in my weekly column in the Albuquerque Journal since July, 1996. Each week a new one is added. You'll find information on the physical and behavioral maladies of dogs and cats and a few other species too. I invite you to use the search feature to find the specific answer that you and your pet need.

Dr. Nichol’s Video – Cats who Play Rough & Bite

kittens video

Kitties are so sweet and gentle. Well, most are. But some bite and scratch when you thought you were just having fun. Don’t swat or spray or yell. Bring out…

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Feeling Better Through Artistic Expression


Second in a series Have you noticed how the unhealthy behavior of others can derail an otherwise excellent relationship? My good old friends Tom and Anna love their cats, Elliott…

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Spank him? Send Him Packing?

Elliott amd Sophie

First in a series We love our pets like little people in furry suits but if they bite, chew, bark, or relieve themselves indoors they need to stop that @#%&…

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Wigged-Out in the Veterinary Clinic

frightened dog

This poor dog is a nervous wreck, scanning back and forth, waiting for the proverbial shoe to fall. Will a homicidal (canine-icidal) maniac blast onto the scene? Will I, the…

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Stop, sniff, stop, pee, repeat

dog urinating

Something for Everybody Question: My nephew and I both have large male dogs. I told him that when I take our 100# black Labrador for a walk, he sniffs, browses…

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A Predictor of an Excellent Walk

video thumbnail

Mick is learning to earn the privilege of a walk. He wants to wear his new Gentle Leader head halter because he knows he’ll have a good time. He’s not…

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Possum Home Invasion


Question: I have two 15 year old cats who are both well toilet trained. Recently I moved from the city to the country. Since then I have been getting nightly…

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Poop Eating – Always in Bad Taste


Do you have a 4-legged pooper scooper? Get the lowdown on why some dogs eat stool and what you can do about this most odious habit.

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Cat pee – Where do you want it?


Shouldn’t a cat, who’s livin’ the feline dream at your house, crave the answer to this age-old question? They do, sort of. It matters what the person wants but it’s…

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