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The following questions and answers have appeared in my weekly column in the Albuquerque Journal since July, 1996. Each week a new one is added. You'll find information on the physical and behavioral maladies of dogs and cats and a few other species too. I invite you to use the search feature to find the specific answer that you and your pet need.

Media – Healing Trauma & Feline Politics


“You are invited to get my help with a behavior problem by participating in a Zoom group behavior conference. Visit https://drjeffnichol.com/zoom-group-conferences/ to sign up.”     A colleague of mine…

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Media – Unsightly Cat Chin

Party cat

Acne isn’t a Heart Breaker Question: I am wondering how cats develop feline acne. Dr. Nichol: We used to think that these unsightly carbuncles and blackheads on cats’ chins were…

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Media – Picking the Greatest Puppy for Your Life

puppies in a basket

Sharing your life with a great dog is like any important relationship. Start out on the right paw and everybody has a shot at success. Behavioral research shows that puppies…

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Media – Leaky Girl Dogs

sleeping dog

Simple Oral Medication Ends Bed Wetting Question: I have a 3 year old blue heeler female. She is house trained. Lately in the evening just after her supper while she…

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Media – Meow, Meow, Meow – Too Much Talking

cat mouth

She may be Telling you She is Sick Question: A Facebook friend just adopted an 8 year old female cat who she says is perfect for her. The cat seems…

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Media – Rear Leg Disability

photo of cat sleeping

Blood Clots from Heart Disease Question: My poor Abby who is still a youngin at 5 years old is having severe problems walking. She is an indoor only cat and…

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Media – Digging for Hoses

digging dog

Splendid Excavating Alternative Question: We have a self-watering backyard. Our 1 ½ year old very tall, very strong, mixed-breed Doberman-Great Dane tore up all the lines! So now we are…

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Media – Tortoise poop … is it bad for dogs?


Question: Our large back yard is shared by our Russian tortoise and our 5 pound (11 month old) poodle. Last spring, when “Tortie” came out of hibernation, our puppy started…

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Media – Fear-Free Medical Care

Cooperation Earns Food Question: My wonderful, elderly Ellie (13 years) is difficult to work with when she has an ear infection, eye infection or other medical problem. She wiggles and…

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