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A Ferret & a Paint Can


Life of the Single Female Ferret My general veterinary practice was busy. That might sound like a good problem but despite meticulous preparation I was seldom caught up. There seemed…

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Dog Bites Child – Can it Ever be Trusted?

girl and dog

The Cleavers’ Boston Visiting the Grahams was always exciting although, in retrospect, it was pretty ordinary. Kenny Graham was a funny kid, the same age as my big sister Martha.…

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Urine was Never the Solution

Bichon Frise

Newt’s River The anxiety and blood pressure spikes of white coat syndrome aren’t fun for us. Most pets have the same problem. That long walk to the exam room, running…

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Crawdad Fishing–What (who) they Caught


I’d arrived home, made myself dinner (at that point in my life it might have been of the TV variety), and was starting to unwind when my pager beeped. We…

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Mr. L – Somebody got Lucky


I was wearily motoring home, down unlit El Pueblo Road, when my Triumph’s headlights lit up a slow moving small while object. Grocery bag in the breeze? Ah, no. White…

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Free to Roam & Risk

dog with ball

He couldn’t even raise his head, his gums were pale, his pulse weak and thready. Had an injury caused this black German Shepherd mix to bleed internally? Was he anemic…

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Human Dental Hygiene & Cat Guts

Vomiting – Serious or Watchful Waiting? Vomiting is nobody’s favorite pastime. Sadly, some cats retch from time-to-time, seemingly whether they need to or not. Finding the cause can be tricky…

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Rocks, Storms, and Home Alone


Seemingly logical assumptions can lead the most cautious among us down the wrong path. Veterinary medicine provides generous opportunities so I gather every detail possible. Because it’s important for me…

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The Risk of Love


Poupon was an almost constant source of connectedness and entertainment for Cheryl and her husband Michael.

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