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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Cat mischief – He can work to earn instead of a life of crime

January 18, 2021

Do you have a cat who, despite your good example, insists on prying open cabinets and wreak havoc on your stuff? Does she complain or pester you relentlessly at the worst times? I know the type.

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Media – COVID19 Pet Infections

January 18, 2021
dog in a face mask

Who are the Carriers? Are pets capable of spreading COVID19? The SARS CoV 2 (cq) virus, the organism responsible for the human epidemic, has been investigated in cats and dogs. Here is what we know. “Natural SARS-C0V-2 infections, including virus isolation, among serially tested cats and dogs in households with confirmed human COVID-19” by Dr. Sarah Hamer and colleagues, found that a minority of cats and dogs got infected. Very few of them showed any symptoms. In another study, titled, “SARS-CoV-2 infection, disease and transmission in domestic cats” by Gaudreault, et al determined that cats became only transiently infected. They did not show the virus in their blood but it was detected in fluids from their noses and throats. These kitties developed antibodies but none of them had symptoms. In other words, had they not been tested, nobody would have suspected anything. Veterinary pathologists, like all scientists, understand that new…

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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Crying for Mom

January 11, 2021
stressed puppy

Some puppies are highly-stressed in their new homes. Helping the little rascal adjust starts with caring and love. There’s a whole lot more you can do to set the kid up for a well-adjusted life.

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Media – Night Waking in Elderly Dog

January 4, 2021
dog on couch

Dementia is Treatable Question: We are having a big problem with our Pekapoo. He is 15 1/2 and seems to be hyperactive at night due to Sundowning Syndrome where he very restless. He is going out 3-4 times per night. We have him in a calming vest, have given him Rescue Remedy and a Kong with peanut butter. Nothing is working and his agitation is increasing. We do not want to get him on tranquilizers. Dr. Nichol: You must have taken mighty good care of this little guy for him to have reached such an advanced age. It is likely that he is suffering from dementia, called cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) in dogs. The symptoms of this degenerative brain disorder are quite similar to Alzheimer’s disease of humans. The brain pathology is almost identical. CDS is grossly underdiagnosed in aging dogs and cats. Many pet parents believe the worsening confusion,…

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Media – Pee – Eeww!

December 28, 2020
stinky dog

Stinky dog needs a diagnosis & treatment Question: My 8-year-old male pit bull literally stinks, even a day after a bath. His teeth seem fine. He seems to feel ok, but is on the skinny side, even with feeding more. His coat looks fine and he does not scratch or lick himself. Just noticed the smell a few months ago. Dr. Nichol: Please understand that I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck; I’ve written this column–every single week-since 1996. I’ve heard it all. When I get questions on personal hygiene, I have to wonder. Is this one of those “I have a friend whose mere presence sends people scampering for the exits” – even with masks? It’s OK. I’m here to help but I am a veterinarian. The advice that follows is intended only for nonhuman animals. There are multiple possible causes for your dog’s aroma. Your veterinarian can…

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Dr. Nichol’s Webinar – Children and Santa and Grown-ups, Oh My! Sudden Changes Cause a Risk Reaction

December 21, 2020
basset hound with tree
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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Gifting Pet? Trojan Horse?

December 14, 2020
puppy in a santa hat

The pets in my life have taught me, saved me, and grounded me. Shouldn’t everybody have unconditional love and support? Maybe. Christmas pet presents can go right or they can go wrong. You’ll want to get it right.

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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Worried about Outdoor Pets? Good.

December 7, 2020
cold dog

How cold is too cold for an outside dog or cat? Maybe the teens, or the 50s? – What’s safe and humane depends on several factors.

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Dr. Nichol’s Video – Stop sniff pee–Enough Already!

November 23, 2020
dog walking

Everybody needs exercise but stopping every 6 feet on a leash walk doesn’t get it. You’re dragging your dog; nobody is having a good time.

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