Baby Teeth

Early Extraction is Safest

I discovered that Rocky (5 month old Jack Russell) is growing his adult canine teeth however his baby teeth are not coming out. Will they come out on their own later?

Dr. Nichol:
Retained baby (deciduous) teeth is a common bump in the road of adolescence for small dogs. Have reached 5 months those little choppers will not fall out on their own. When baby teeth are allowed to stay beyond the toddler phase, the much bigger permanent teeth will arrive right next door. Food particles, hair, and even plant material can get jammed in the gap between them. This causes acute embarrassment, especially when photos are taken with Santa.

Normally, it’s the emergence of adult teeth that pushes the baby teeth out. Neglecting this problem would result in painful inflammation of Rocky’s gums and possibly tooth loss. According veterinary dentist Dr. Kris Bannon, retained deciduous teeth should be extracted as soon as the adult teeth make their appearance. Ask your veterinarian to handle it soon. It’s a simple procedure but it will require a short anesthesia. In the meantime tell Rocky not to smile.