BARKING! Anxiety & Frustration

Dogs Need a Job – Gainful Employment
Confucius said, “A man (woman) who enjoys what they do never works a day in their life.” Our dogs can have that life. They naturally work to survive, an activity they appear to enjoy. Food-dispensing toys and puzzles are not prey and they’re not really rotting carcasses found in the wild but they require manipulation so bits of sustenance can be extracted.

Check out Lulu here. This girl had a history of separation anxiety. Other dogs, like the Nichol family Border collie, Mick, need work to stay occupied. The downside for him is frustration and BARKING! We don’t like that.

Forget feeding from a bowl. Your dog needs to live the life of his inner survivor. He/she needs to work to live. Lulu is too focused on getting the nutrition she needs to wring her little paws about being home alone. She is happy in her work.