Beer Drinking for Dogs

Safe in Small Amounts, it can Damage the Health of a Trusting Dog


My 5-year-old male lab/shepherd cross “Q ” has picked up beer drinking. He sits next to me when I’m drinking a beer waiting until I give in and pour him some, which I do once in a while. It’s so funny, after he has a good drink he starts sneezing, I always laugh. Could a little beer now and then cause him any harm?

Dr. Nichol:

A little beer now and then won’t cause most of us any harm. A “little” for a 50 pound dog would be about 6 oz. (1/2 of a bottle or can). A lethal amount for the same dog would be seven beers. Dogs metabolize grain alcohol the same way we do. Signs of over indulgence are similar too. Like us, dogs can get addicted.


I doubt if Q will have a problem if he laps up a small amount of spilled beer from time to time. On the other hand, if you get caught up in the entertainment of having a drunken dog you will be responsible for damaging his health. Our dogs trust us implicitly. You understand the risks, but Q doesn’t. Be responsible with your special friend. Have a Happy New Year-just not too happy.