Best Age to Neuter a Cat

Age doesn’t Matter; It’s a Great Move for All Cats


My daughter wanted to know if having her cat neutered at one year of age could change his personality.


Dr. Nichol:

There is no hard and fast rule that applies to every cat; like all of us, they are individuals. Having said that, most unneutered adult male cats spend their lives prowling the single scene, spraying trees and houses with graffiti, and whipping the snot out of other cats who blunder into their territory. Many are fathers but few of them ever take their kids camping. They tend not to make the best pets because they stop by home just long enough to get their fight wounds treated and grab a quick bite on the way to their next adventure.


Statistically, unneutered cats have a life expectancy of about 2-3 years, unless they are kept strictly indoors. But in a multi cat household their conflict resolution amounts to shoot first and ask questions later.


There are no bad behavior outcomes from neutering (surgical removal of the testicles). Most cats who urine mark inside mend their ways after surgery. If your daughter’s cat is aggressive-especially toward other cats-he is likely to improve his behavior regardless if his age at the time of neutering. It’s the smart thing to do unless she plans to breed this boy. If she has the procedure done her cat will still have the same personality but he may become docile enough to tolerate getting brushed and wear doll cloths.