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There are many kinds of concerns about the well-being of pets that need attention. With my specialty training in veterinary behavior medicine, along with over 40 years of general practice and emergency work, I'm equipped to address a multitude of issues. Sometimes I get slammed, so please don’t feel bad if I can't provide a direct response.


Media – Snapping at Mom

Oct 18, 2021

Whose Fault? Rehome? Worse? Dogs are man’s and woman’s best friends but there are species differences. They walk on all 4s and they’re a bit hairier but like us, dogs…

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dog on leash

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Time-Out: Everybody Gets a Break

Mar 4, 2019

Dogs need Good Manners Some dogs follow their person’s lead and happily go along with just about anything. Others struggle to do the right thing, needing a bit more hands-on…

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dog listening to commands

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – We Speak – Dogs Watch

Feb 11, 2019

They’re good listeners too Why do dogs follow commands like sit and stay if they don’t understand English? When we speak are they processing the words we’re saying or the…

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aggressive dog

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Dogs Who Threaten Visitors

Jan 14, 2019

The doorbell rings and your dog attacks the door. Then it’s WWE action as you struggle to get the door open without a takedown of your unsuspecting visitor. Or maybe…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Mouthy, Nippy, Chewy – Part 3

Jan 7, 2019

Fufu’s sharp teeth and nails had scratched and scraped his people enough times that they were reluctant to handle the little guy. It was painful for them. They needed the…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Mouthy, Nippy, Chewy – Part 2

Dec 17, 2018

Fufu, the assertive and overconfident baby dog, arrived woefully unprepared for life in his new home. He was just 7 weeks old when he confused his new pet parents, Melissa…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Mouthy, Nippy, Chewy

Dec 10, 2018

Facebook Live Do your pets crack under holiday pressure? You can ask me anything or just listen in during my Facebook Live event, called “Pet Angst: Naughty or Nice?” at…

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scared puppy

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Greeting Pee

Nov 12, 2018

Do you have a great dog who is everything you’ve ever wanted in man’s or woman’s best friend – except for one really annoying problem? Some dogs wag when greeting…

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Petting cat head

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Cars, Cats, & Furry Suits

Oct 29, 2018

Do you know anybody whose adult life could have been easier and a whole lot happier if they’d been treated better as a child? Not only do I know people…

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