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There are many kinds of concerns about the well-being of pets that need attention. With my specialty training in veterinary behavior medicine, along with over 40 years of general practice and emergency work, I'm equipped to address a multitude of issues. Sometimes I get slammed, so please don’t feel bad if I can't provide a direct response.

prong collar

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Use of Punishment in Pet Training

Mar 20, 2018

Download a .pdf version of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position statement on The Use of Punishment. Giving dogs and other creatures a clear reason not to…

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Puppy on a leash

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Puppy Housetraining

Mar 6, 2018

Puppies are great fun. They run and play and live in the moment, completely uninhibited – including when they get the urge to eliminate. Housetraining can feel like such a…

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choose the best kitten

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Choosing the Greatest Kitten for Your Life

Feb 20, 2018

Is this possible? Can you choose the great feline friend who will be the faithful excellent companion you have always wanted? I think you can but there are many “ifs”…

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separation anxiety dogs

Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Destruction & Panic when Alone

Jan 30, 2018

Why it Happens; What to Do Dogs are our best friends for some really strong reasons. They’re always delighted to see us, they’ll follow us anywhere, and they’ll never run…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – The Damage of Cat Scratching

Jan 9, 2018

Declawing is so ‘90s (actually ‘60s) There is a definite calming influence that comes with having a cat sharing my home. They are delightful creatures but even the best-behaved kitty…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Does Dog Age Matter? When or even If to Spay/Neuter

Dec 19, 2017

If you think that spaying and neutering is the right thing to do, well, I would never argue. On the other hand, if you did not subject your dog to…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Pugnacious Feline Pests – A ScareCrow will Prevent Intrusions by Neighbor Cats

Oct 17, 2017

A ScareCrow will Prevent Intrusions by Neighbor Cats Question: I have a spayed female cat who mostly stays indoors and but likes to go out in the evenings when it…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Children & When the Dog Bites

Sep 26, 2017

Kindness – on everybody’s part – is a key ingredient. In my work I see life lessons on the power of kindness every day. A few months ago a little…

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Dr. Nichol’s Blog – Nervous Whizzing

Sep 4, 2017

Panic is No Fun for Anybody Buddy was a really cute 2 year old dog when we met. Her problem was that she lost her composure and released a bladder…

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