Bones for Dogs & Other Table Treats

Feed no bones. Eat without your pets. Table food leads to trouble.



Our one-year-old female Jack Russell Terrier might have swallowed some fish bones.  She seems fine, but I am worried about if they will hurt her in her stomach and cause problems. Should I be worried and take her to the vet or just love her as usual.

Dr. Nichol:

The reason for your concern is that you love this girl. The good news is that she’s not likely to have any real problems from fish bones. Unlike beef, pork, or poultry bones fish bones are thin and quite flexible. They usually soften in the stomach and intestines and pass without trouble. If they really irritate her tummy she will vomit and be done with it. What if the bones get stuck? In that case your girl will stop eating and vomit or wretch often, but unproductively. If that happens take that garbage gut girl to the doctor.


A word about holiday feasting: Most pets will engulf all the table food you dish out because they believe that you are rewarding their begging with those tasty morsels. Once they develop a fondness for turkey, candy, and eggnog they become more prone to raiding the garbage and swallowing some really dangerous stuff. Don’t let your love lead to a life of lard. Put your pets out of the room at dinnertime. Then get the lead out and share a brisk walk. Start now. Put the paper down. Grab the leash and get going.