Bored dog? Barking? Chewing? Digging? What’s his Sport?

Dogs in the wild survive by their wits. But as our pets they may live lives of quiet desperation because they can’t engage their natural brains and bodies. I tried fetch games with Mick but he wasn’t interested. Then it occurred to me (Doh!) – he’s a herding dog. We could call this game soccer but it’s all about Mick so he makes the rules. Well, I have one rule. I only kick the ball when he brings it to me.

There is much more to Mick’s life. He practices agility and obedience, he runs on the irrigation ditches and plays tug. He’s a snuggler too. But his passion is kick ball.

Do some trial and error to find what winds your dog’s clock. Have fun but try to have her do most of the work.