Cardinal Rules For Cats

  1. A cat who doesn’t come when called may just be stuck up. But they instinctively hide serious illness. That cat may be gravely ill.
  2. Any cat who spends too much time in the litter pan needs a doctor fast. His plumbing can kill him.
  3. Cats who cough or breathe too fast are in trouble now.
  4. 85% of all skin lumps and bumps on cats are malignant. Have them removed soon.
  5. Cats who won’t eat may be finicky. They may also be sick. It’s often the first real sign of serious illness.
  6. Cats who do bad things like urinating on your bed are quite naughty. But you can’t train them. You can fix the problem but you’ll have to do all the work.
  7. Cats who vomit more than twice in one day need help fast. Cats who vomit now
    and then need help at the next available appointment.
  8. Cats losing weight are quite sick.
  9. Cats don’t “look out for themselves” more than dogs. They’re just not very social creatures. They communicate less but need every bit as much care. Always observe your
    cat closely.
  10. Never strike a cat or speak harshly. Cats think we belong on a different planet anyway. To be a cat’s friend you must speak softly and carry a big menu.
  11. Don’t let your cat train you into feeding junk food. He already believes in his superior intelligence. Don’t encourage him.