Cat is Lost; Littermate is Depressed

Antidepressant Medication can Help; Advice on Adding another Cat


I recently lost one of my 6 year old cats. “B” and “J” are mostly indoors. The last time I let them out was the last time I saw B. I live in a large apartment complex; I sort of think someone took him. No one has answered any of my ads or flyers. Now J sleeps more and follows me from room to room. I pet him, play with him, and talk to him a lot, but after a month he’s still sticking pretty close. What to do with my sweet seemingly depressed kitty?


Dr. Nichol:

Cats are highly bonded to their territories and rarely just wander off. This is a sad story. I suspect that B was either taken in by someone else, or killed by a dog or car. Give each of your neighbors a picture of B. Your best hope is that he still lives in your building.


With time Poor J is likely to adjust but you can make it easier by asking his doctor to prescribe a few months of the antidepressant fluoxetine.


Adding another cat could help but you’ll need to choose carefully and integrate him into your home properly to avoid fights or house soiling. Go to my website ( and click on Publications for my article “How to the Choose the Greatest Kitten for your Life.”  Write back when you’re ready and I’ll send information on arranging a meet and greet for him and J. I really hope you find B.