Cat Safe Cockroach Baits

Most Baits are Safe. Be Careful with Hydrogen Peroxide


We moved to the foothills last spring and were overrun by cockroaches! Now we have two kitties, and wonder if there is a product that is both effective against roaches and pet-safe.

Dr. Nichol:

For the latest on the safest, I contacted Dr. Safdar Khan of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435). The good news is that most roach bates present no significant risk to pets because they contain only a few grams of pesticide. But be careful if you use powdered boric acid. Cats who contact the highly concentrated form (99%) can get sick after cleaning it off their fur. The best protection is to follow label directions and keep pesticides out of the reach of pets and children.


Your best chance for bagging serious trophy roaches is around drains. They multiply faster when their grocery shopping is made easy so be sure to keep all human and pet food cleaned up. Happy hunting.