Dr. Nichol’s Videos – Cat Toys that are Fun but may be Dangerous

Pets who eat nonfood items can pay a big price for their curiosity. Swallowed linear foreign material, like yarn, ribbon, or dental floss, can saw holes in the intestinal wall leading to septic peritonitis. We can protect these little guys by cat–proofing the house. Keep an eye out for innocent but potentially harmful household items.

The story of my own cat Tony really makes this point. Just a week before we made this video we found some fuzzy junk in his mouth. The next day he ate less food. I knew right away that we had a problem. I was worried about the little guy.

Cats are different. They are predators and a prey species. They don’t want anybody to know that they’re not firing on all cylinders. They don’t speak a human language. They get small, hide out, and try to power through it. All pet parents need to pay close attention.

We got x-rays of Tony within an hour. When we saw the fuzzy stuff in his stomach he went right to surgery. He did fine and came home the next day.

Cats are pretty smart but we never ever assume. They don’t have nine lives. They have just one. Our cats’ lives need to be long and healthy – with us.

I’ve had cat parents who apologize for bothering me with their concerns. They have every right to rely on my judgment; it’s my job. Your veterinarian should see your kitty whenever you notice anything suspicious. Your cat’s well-being depends on your powers of observation.

Here are the essential points:

  • Cats hide their illnesses and injuries
  • A poor appetite is an important sign
  • Act quickly if trouble is suspected
  • Don’t wait-and-see
  • Medical exams save lives

Watch this informative 5 minute video. You’ll see the x-rays yourself. There is a lot you can learn that may save your cats life. I invite you to share this video vignette with anybody you know who loves their cat. They’re welcome to pass it along too.

All the best,

Jeff Nichol, DVM