Cat Who Pongs with Body Odor

Skin, Dental, or Ear Disease can all be Responsible. Anal Glands cause the Worst Odor.

My cat stinks!! It is getting to the point where I don’t like him on my knee because he pongs. It’s not his breath but his actual fur. Do cats have BO or do you think there is something wrong with him?

Dr. Nichol:
Ponging has been the undoing of many a fine cat. I’ve met a few in my practice, but I’ve been too polite to mention it. Now, I think, it’s time to speak my mind on this pivotal issue.

There are causes for the heartbreak of feline BO that you can investigate in the privacy of your own home. Check your boy’s skin for scabs, swellings, and red or weepy areas. Make sure his teeth are clean and white and that his gums are free of redness and ulcers. Shine a flashlight into his ears. Look for discharge or waxy buildups. If everything is good so far I’m afraid you may be in for a rear-ended pong.

All cats, like their canine brethren, have a pair of odious little posterior structures called anal sacs. Used to great affect by skunks, these fluid-producing glands can be the cause of great feline embarrassment. If they’re infected they can make your boy sick. If they’re just full and overflowing they need to be emptied by professional hands.

Whatever the cause of all that frightful ponging, I recommend a trip to your veterinarian. It won’t hurt a bit if it’s just a pain in the rear end, but you’ll both need to be brave.