Safe & Good Fun for Cats of All Ages Catnip can be a Good Reward


Is catnip to cats what alcohol or recreational drugs are to people?  Is it okay to let the love of my life, Miss Molly, my cat, have catnip?


Dr. Nichol:

Ahem. Are there any feline DARE officers reading this? OK, let’s have a frank discussion. Catnip produces a euphoric or hallucinogenic reaction in 50-75% of cats. The unlucky minority are not genetically equipped to respond. The fun lasts for about 15 minutes after it is sniffed.


There are no known ill effects for cats who enjoy a little catnip in the privacy of their own homes. It does not appear to be addictive. Cats under its spell are not prone to deviant social behavior. Kittens as young as 8 weeks can partake.


Catnip can be a useful in behavior modification. I suggest you require Miss Molly to earn it by performing tricks like come, sit, or roll over. Don’t get carried away. Molly will tell you the stuff is far-out but you and I both know how embarrassing this kind of thing can be, especially if she plans to run for president some day.