Cats Outside in Cold, Wet Weather

No Risk to the Kitty as Long as he/she Get Some Shelter


How are cats with rain and cold weather?  My cat always likes to go out at certain times of the day to do his business as he seems to much prefer this than his litter tray.  But I worry a little about him getting cold and wet when the weather is not good.


Dr. Nichol:

Cats are fastidious. They really hate those little spots of mud on their shoes. But if your cat is willing to go out on those cold, wet days, well, I’m betting that his business must be mighty important.


Those who believe the old notion that a damp chill causes respiratory disease are, frankly, all wet. Infections that cause sneezing and runny eyes and noses require an infectious organism like a virus. Getting wet and cold won’t give anyone a cold-but it can stress the immune system. But as long as your kitty can get back inside when he needs to, I know he’ll be fine.


Regarding the better place for a cat to do his business, outside is preferable. Indoor business smells bad causing some cats to do business in some very bad indoor locations. Keeping a clean pan is the best way for any cat to manage his business. I should know. I’ve been in the cat business for a long time.