Cats Stay Calm while Owner Travels

Will the mist of an essential oils diffuser bother my two male cats? How long is a cat’s memory?  I will be gone for a month as my daughter is getting married in Little Rock, AR. Is there anything I can do to help them remember me?

Dr. Nichol:
Essential oils are fine for cats but a Feliway pheromone diffuser will promote a calmer emotional state for them. This will be especially important while you are away.

Your boys will miss you but they are glad that you’ll be attending your daughter’s wedding. They are social creatures whose well-being is influenced by their person’s emotional state. They’ll know you by sight and scent when you return home. Help them feel better while you party hearty by leaving a well-worn and unlaundered T shirt in each of their favored resting areas. Text them photos of the big wingding. It’ll be OK with them if you get silly. They expect nothing less of our species.