Chronic Discharge from One Eye is Potentially Dangerous

Let Go of Fears of Expense or Losing Cat-Get Treatment ASAP


A homeless, male tabby that comes by our home is such a sweet boy. Poor Goober has had a very bad infection in one eye for about 3 weeks. It’s very pink and it looks raw. I came close to hauling him to the animal hospital but I’m afraid they’ll fine us (he’s not really our kitty and he’s not microchipped). I’m not prepared to pay hundreds of dollars. What if they decide to keep him or euthanize him? I just want some medicine for Goober.

Dr. Nichol:

Goober may have an injury or there could be plant material like a foxtail awn stuck next to his eye. It’s also possible that his discharge is caused by an upper respiratory infection. Chronic eye disease can be a symptom of feline herpes virus infection, leukemia virus or even feline AIDS. These can get quite serious.


The only way to know what medicine is best for Goober would be to take him to a veterinarian. You won’t get turned in for not having a microchip or a pet license. We’re not in the business of law enforcement. Our job is to help your cat get well. No one will take Goober away from you or euthanize him. That’s not even legal.


I understand your feelings about the expense of treatment. Lots of caring pet owners have limited finances. Be sure to get an estimate for whatever treatment the doctor suggests. If it’s more than you can afford, you can request a lower cost alternative. It’s OK; it happens every day.


Until you can get Goober to the doctor you can slow the infection down by using a moist washcloth (tap water-no hydrogen peroxide) to gently remove the discharge from his infected eye. Do this as often as needed, at least 3 times daily. Call your local veterinarian today.