Cloning a Dog

A new dog with new lessons. Sometimes different is better.


I read a few weeks ago that they were trying to create an exact replica of someone’s pet dog.  I would give a lot to have a clone of my Westie.  I’m sure I’m not the only pet owner who hates the thought of a dog’s short life-span-and would love a second chance at training a smart but ornery puppy.


Dr. Nichol:

It certainly sounds like an intriguing idea. But think of the great personality traits of a new dog that you would never be blessed to have in your life if you kept having just one identical dog copy after another. I would worry that I was missing some of the great lessons in life that only a new dog sent by the maker could provide. And what about veterinarians like me? Do you ever think about us. How will I send my kids to college if dogs become disposable? Just think: Since you could have readily available Westie clones you would have no reason to get a sick dog treated would you? Feeling a bit flat today Bowser? No problem. Here’s the new identical Bowser. Then what happens when we clone people? Husband in a bad mood? No problem. New identical husband waiting in the wings. Scary.