Come when Called – on the Move

Our dogs should always come when called, whether they’re sitting and looking at us or when they’re heading off in another direction. Don’t get frustrated when ignored; train in baby steps that your pupster can understand.

Mick has gotten pretty good at the recall command – when he’s already paying attention. But when he’s way from home, well, other priorities can get in the way. That isn’t OK but let’s not lose our patience.

While allowing him to forge ahead on-leash he knows he can sniff and investigate at his leisure. But when I say, “Mick, Come!” I can enforce the command without having set my dog up for a mistake. Just after I give the command I back up as I pull the leash. That’s Mick’s reminder that, “Oh yea, I can get a treat and a hug and a kiss just by turning around and happily returning to my leader.” At least that’s what I think he’s thinking. This little method is called the Come For. Repeat hundreds of times.