Corn as the Main Ingredient

Are you crazy? Dogs & cats don’t eat corn in the wild. They need meat, right?



Can animals, dogs and cats, digest corn? I know that in most cat/dog food the number one ingredient is ground corn meal, or something like that. If they can’t digest it, isn’t most of the dog food you feed your

dog or cat is just ‘running though them’?


Dr. Nichol:

Don’t you know that reading food labels can be dangerous to your health? Why, you can become anxious and stressed. Let me help both you and your pets to live a lot longer.


Corn is fine. Heresy you say? Aren’t cats and dogs carnivores? Aren’t they supposed to stealthily track cute woodland vegetarian creatures, pounce on them, and then rip them to pieces? Sure they are. So why are vegetables in the diet of your carnivorous pets? Because when inveterate predators like our pets eat their prey they eat ALL of their prey. That means the hair, bone, organs, intestinal contents, and a bit of meat (muscle). In other words, they get a balanced diet in the wild by eating what their food ate-vegetation.


So. Pet food labels. Don’t get too excited. Simply understand that ingredients and guaranteed analyses are regulated by laws that are riddled with loopholes and nuance. There is really no way for you to know the true digestibility or nutritional value of your pets’ food by reading the container-except for one clue: Price.

During my years in practice I have seen the physical results of every type of pet food. The good stuff costs more but results in healthier hair coats and more active immune systems. Your pets will feel better. It’s clear from your letter that you want the best for them. But you won’t get what you don’t pay for. Spend a couple of extra bucks and give them the best.