Dog House Construction

Size Does Matter


We have two 10 year old beagles who have always been “outdoor” dogs. I have built them a house framed with 2×4’s, plywood, and have insulated the floor, walls, and ceiling with pink fiberglass insulation. It even has a tabbed hinged door that they can open themselves. They have carpet and an old down sleeping bag inside. The problem is due to the cold weather; my wife thinks they should be inside. I hung a thermometer in their house and the other morning the outside temperature was 15 degrees and “dog house” temperature was 50 degrees! That’s doggie heaven, right?


Dr. Nichol:

If I’m not careful both of us may end up in a 50 degree dog house. I will say that I admire your craftsmanship and your commitment to your dogs’ welfare. Not only is the insulation essential but preventing air leakage and drafts with that hinged door was a stroke of genius.


The right size house is also important: about one and one half times the length, height, and width of the occupant is ideal. Really big houses are a mistake because they contain too much air for a dog’s body to heat. Nice construction job. Now, how about those Giants?