Dog Walking Elimination Etiquette

Avoid the Ire of Neighbors by Rewarding your Dog for Eliminating at her Territory’s Boundary

I used to be a professional dog sitter and when a dog lifts his leg on a fence post I've had screaming banshees run out & shoo us away. When a dog defecates on a neighbor's rock garden, do you drag the dog to the street as he's performing his dirty work? How do you train a dog to eliminate in an appropriate place?


Dr. Nichol:

It’s easy to forget that our neighbors have to live with our pets’ deposits. We do have a responsibility.


The best time to walk your dog is shortly after a meal, when her body is ready to eliminate anyway. Equipped with a plastic doody bag and a few tasty treats make your first stop at the boundary of your own yard. If she goes she gets a treat and the reward of a walk beyond her territory. If she doesn’t go take her back home and keep her inside for an hour and try again. With several repetitions your dog will be in the habit of doing what nature does best and you both will be model citizens.