Dog with an Idle Mind


Puppies and dogs of any age can be unrelenting chewers and destroyers of all things we may hold sacred. We can love man’s and woman’s best friend like a little person in a furry suit but they are actually members of a different species. Chewing from a carcass for survival is hard-wired into their brains.

Rather than trying to put an end to a natural behavior, give your pupsters a productive, canine-specific job: survival by extraction of sustenance from food-dispensing toys and/or puzzles. Mick, the Nichol family Border collie, is working hard at being a real dog. And having a good time doing it. To keep him on the straight and narrow we load all of his food into gizmos like this Twist ‘n Treat. He never gives up while exercising the muscles of his face and paws. He also focuses his brain on this challenge. A tired dog is a happy dog.