Eat? Protect? Bury? Find out how Homer survived

“Homer” flummoxed his people by refusing to eat. Rather than chowing down like most dogs he was skittish and anxious about protecting his dinner from Axel and Gryphon, the other two dogs in his home. He looked behind him and watched them. Sometimes Homer picked up pieces of food carried it for long periods, putting it down and picking it up. The recent addition of mulch to the yard resulted in food being squirreled away. Sometimes Homer would hoard it among blankets in his pet parents’ bed. This nervous pupster needed a structure. I instructed his people to put his food bowl on the floor of a quiet room with no other pets present, leave him alone, and close the door. He could have as much time as he needed during these twice daily feeding opportunities. Nobody was allowed to check up on him and ask him how he was doing. Homer learned quickly that he didn’t need to worry about being starved out. He was still a little nervous but he began to eat much better. Life improved for everybody.