Excessive Sleeping

A grumpy, sleepy cat with fleas is also anemic & sick. Frontline should do the trick.



My cat of eight months, recently has been sleeping a lot, and every time I pick him up, he gets mad, and bites me. My cat is normally very active, and doesn’t mind getting handled. My cat right now is experiencing a lot of fleas.  I don’t know if that has to do with anything.


Dr. Nichol:

You make the diagnosis simple. Those fleas are a major nuisance to your cat and, in large numbers, will cause grumpiness. But more importantly, his fleas are sucking his blood and he may be getting anemic (low numbers of red blood cells). Anemia will cause weakness that might be responsible for his sleeping more. Lastly, not only is your grouchy cat biting you, I’ll bet his fleas are as well. Are you getting sleepy and grumpy too?


Take this baby to the doctor. Have him examined to be sure that he doesn’t have other problems in addition to fleas. Fleas have become hardy and adaptable while treatment has gotten more effective and easier. Ask for Frontline, a liquid that you “spot-on” on your cat just once a month. Nothing you can get at a pet supply store will come close to prescription treatments for your cat, your home, and your yard.