Feline Hyperthyroidism Research Update

Feline hyperthyroidism (benign thyroid tumors) continues to advance among our pet cat population so I thought I’d share some useful research. The big bad guy in the blogosphere has been a chemical coating on the inside of pop-top cat food cans called bis phenol A. But there have also been links to certain types of cat litter, flea preventatives, and even chemicals in the environment that affect hormone levels. Flame retardants are also suspect.


Research, I am learning from direct experience, is often complicated by multiple factors. Feline hyperthyroidism, first recognized in 1979, has become more common. At the same time, the life expectancy of our cats has advanced from about 10-12 years then to the late teens now. Could getting older add to someone’s cancer risk? Well, getting old happens to be the greatest death risk of all with cancer being the leading cause. Life, and death, are full of risks. Canned food is still best for healthy cats of all ages.