Feral Cat Urine & Stool

Discourage Access to your Yard or Spay & Neuter


My neighborhood is infested with stray cats. I made the mistake of feeding some and now I have 6-7 cats looking for feed at my door twice a day.  My neighbors tell me the block is going to stink to high heaven. How do I get the cats to eliminate on the side of my house where I can rinse the area with a hose a few times a week?


Dr. Nichol:

That’s a tall order. Only naughty indoor cats eliminate on hard surfaces like sinks, counters, and bathtubs. Your soup line feral cats will insist on vertical objects for graffiti urine spraying and soft dry earth for more refined eliminating. They’re not hangin’ in your ‘hood to make your life easy.


You can make jumping your fence less fun by installing a Scare Crow (motion-activated sprinkler). On the other hand, Street Cat Companions (881-7297) can provide box traps for a refundable deposit. Each month volunteer veterinarians spay and neuter cats like those in your crowd. Word of a free meal spreads fast but at least this way they won’t multiply and fill your yard.


You want to do the right thing but it’s still a difficult choice; attracting cats can create a public health problem and get you into deep doo doo with your neighbors and the city.