Grapes are Dangerous

Kidney Damage can be Permanent


I read in the ABQ Journal that frozen grapes are a good summer snack for dogs. I’ve been giving them to my dog and she loves them! But the other night I saw on the TV show, Dogs 101, that they might cause liver disease.


Dr. Nichol:

Grapes and raisins are poisonous to the kidneys of many, but not all dogs and some cats. Kidney failure can be rapid in onset and is life threatening in some cases.


If the fruit of the vine were to damage your dog’s kidneys she may vomit and have diminished activity along with abdominal pain and failure to produce urine. Chronic signs would include gradual weight loss and diarrhea.


Your dog’s history of grape eating with apparent impunity suggests that she may be immune to the risk but you could be gambling. I suggest asking your veterinarian to submit a blood and urine sample to check her kidney health. I would also encourage you to change her treat menu-just in case.