Green Cat Litter

Great Ways for Cat Owners  to Protect Mother Earth


While I focus on going “green” (i.e. no plastic at the check out line, thank you) how do I best get rid of the “brown” litter?


Dr. Nichol:

Here are some excellent suggestions plus one of dubious value submitted by a friend of mine. I’ll be watching my mail carefully.

“We use 3/16″ alfalfa pellets sold at feed stores. It is totally biodegradable, the nitrogen fertilizes the lawn as it breaks down.  It stays fresh smelling, the cat has no objections and it’s cheap.”


“We use World’s Best Cat Litter, a corn based product that clumps, is renewable, biodegradable, and flushable.  It’s available at all major pet stores.  We love it!”


“Swheat Scoop is made of wheat. I flush the solids down the toilet and allow the litter to biodegrade outside.”


“How about bubble wrap or shipping peanuts?  After soiling you could just wrap your presents and ship it off to somebody else!”