Health Risks of Sharing Food with a Dog

Intestinal Parasites can be a Major Human Health Risk


Can you get sick or contract a disease from sharing things, for example a Popsicle or letting them lick your face, with your dog?

Dr. Nichol:

Peter Rabbit is the Nichol family’s wonderful dog. We really love that boy but, hey, he does things with his mouth that I won’t even mention here. If we eat what he eats then we’re eating everything he’s ever eaten. We believe in safe eating.


Your greatest risk is intestinal parasites. Dogs get infected with these nasty little creatures by licking their feet after walking through areas where other pets have defecated. You could swallow the microscopic eggs when it’s your turn with the Popsicle. Canine parasites inside the human body can find their way to the liver, lungs, and brain. Called visceral larval migrans, it’s something you don’t want.


Popsicles are not part of the canine food pyramid. Kisses are great but keep your Popsicle to yourself.