Heart Disease

Medications can have side effects. Know what to look for.



My dog, Comet, is 11 years old with enlarged heart and liver. She is refusing to eat her dog food. After her bloodwork and x-rays she was put on vasotec and furosemide. She will eat rice with some chicken. I have checked several books, and seem to get contradictory information. What would be an acceptable diet considering she won’t eat dog food?


Dr. Nichol:

Good for you. Because of your conscientious care we know what’s wrong with Comet. Treatment has been started but now she won’t eat. We can help.


I have reviewed her lab work. It establishes the diagnosis but it does not indicate a severe problem. Rather than trying to tailor a diet for her I recommend we find out why she won’t eat. If her poor appetite is related to her medications a dosage adjustment may be all we need. Vasotec is known to cause inappetence. Ask Comet’s doctor if reducing her dose would be OK and see if she doesn’t regain her regular dog food. If that fails tell her doctor. A poor appetite is an important symptom.