Is it Right to Spend Money to Treat a Sick Cat?

Pets are Valuable for Most of Us


I would not have any tricky problem with any sick cat. I grew up on a farm in 30’s and 40’s and there was not any money for sick cats or dogs. They were quickly destroyed and buried. We did not enjoy this, but it was the only way. We always had 10 to 20 cats. All animals were well treated but a sick cat was disposed of quickly.


Dr. Nichol:

You’re right; times have really changed-and not just in veterinary medicine. Before WW II, 85% of Americans lived on farms, many barely able to feed their families. Now almost all of us are city dwellers with more cash to spend but our commitment to others isn’t what it once was and our families are fragmented. Many of us confront the pressures of modern life alone.


Not surprisingly pet ownership is way up. Now 60% of us rely on a friendly fuzzy presence that never judges. Studies show that pet owners have less cancer, heart attacks and strokes. If we do get sick we recover faster. And if our pets are ill or behave badly we’ll do whatever it takes to make them better. Life isn’t what it once was, but it’s still OK if you have a good pet.