Jumping On Or Mounting People

It’s great that your dog loves people; too bad your guests aren’t sharing the joy of getting jumped or body slammed by a canine linebacker. Dogs just wanna have fun, don’t they? Your dog just can’t figure out why you aren’t sharing his joy.

Correction verbally, or with a knee to the chest, might work if your dog were a human flinging himself on you but dogs are different. They think any response is a reward. Whether you speak nicely or harshly-even if you were abusive-he will repeat the behavior. Your only hope will be to take away something he craves-your attention. Starting today ignore your dog when he molests you. If turning your back doesn’t slow him down I recommend Plan B: Banishment.

Dogs communicate with subtle body language signals nearly continually. They are so intensely social (much more than humans) that a sudden loss of interaction sends a strong message. Have your wild dog drag a 6 foot leash from his collar. If your pesky pet persists after you ignore him, pick up the “drag line” and, without a word, lead him to a predetermined time-out room, close the door, and breathe deeply until all has been quiet for about 3-4 minutes.

When the sentence has been served open the door and continue to ignore your dog. After 3-4 more minutes you are free to call your dog for whatever fun activity you both love to share. Repeat the above whenever your dogs show attention-seeking behavior, in other words, hundreds of times. Does this sound hard? You can do this. And, by the way, it works.