Laryngeal Paralysis can be Life Threatening

Surgery can be a Life Saver


Our Keeshond has laryngeal paralysis, acts like he is gagging all the time, and when he gets excited he lies down literally gasping for air and can’t breathe or get up. He is at least 13 years old, has always been in great health.


Dr. Nichol:

Laryngeal paralysis usually affects large breed older dogs. Most cases are caused by a degeneration of the nerve supply to the larynx, reducing airflow.


It is treatable with a surgery called a laryngeal tieback. The problem progresses slowly enough in some to make the procedure unnecessary. But your Keeshond is in severe distress; he will die horribly if he doesn’t have surgery soon. Ask your veterinarian for a referral to a board certified surgeon. Make the call now.