Media – Chronic Diarrhea & Vomiting

French bulldog

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Retching and vomiting or straining to pass diarrhea is pretty miserable. Some dogs struggle often with these symptoms. When does it become too much? You can try different diets or give probiotics, antibiotics, or supplements and still make little progress. Fouling the living space is not natural canine behavior. The stress that besets these dogs needs to evaporate. They need relief from their cramping and belly aches. Nobody should have to endure this.

I’ve treated a whole lot of these sick dogs. I have hunted long and hard for the underlying causes, often with the help of x-rays, ultrasound exams, and endoscopic biopsies. It can be exhausting and expensive for pets and their people. Our dogs’ guts are important and so are their brains. Chronic pain has a major impact on unhealthy behaviors like anxiety, reactive aggression, and noise phobias. We have good news; there has been a diagnostic breakthrough.

Your veterinarian can submit a simple blood sample to diagnose and monitor chronic enteropathy – the medical term for long term intestinal disorders. The lab will actually conduct three tests for biomarkers that can help determine if specific treatment can be started right away or, in some cases, if more testing is necessary. Getting a dog’s resistant vomiting and diarrhea under control just got easier, faster, and cheaper.

Many of these dogs also suffer from poor appetite and weight loss. This new trio of tests will detect damage to the intestinal wall that allows overgrowth of bacteria like E. coli. Deep-seated inflammation, treatable with medications, can be recognized. Gluten sensitivity is another common finding. More than 60% of test results point to a therapeutic diet containing a novel antigen or hydrolyzed protein ingredients.

Lots of dogs vomit or pass diarrhea for a short time, get over it quickly on their own, and never look back. But if these symptoms come and go for 2 weeks or longer your dog’s doctor can use the CE-IBD Assay to get reliable results overnight.

Have you seen those commercials where someone has to interrupt that special moment to excuse themselves to run to the bathroom? Your dog doesn’t think they’re funny either.

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