Media – Dumpster Dog Cherishes Memory of his Best Friend

Blanket dog

Their Shared Blanket


My Honey, who passed Christmas Eve 2019, found a litter of puppies in the dumpster. We kept the big boy. She named him DD (Dumpster Dog). Being a widowed man, I put her stuff in storage (threw it in the closet). DD found a blanket I used to cover her with. I would cover her and put DD in bed with her when she was ill. Now he drags the blanket around the yard wherever he goes. DD snuggles with it almost like he is praying! Can he still smell her or is it the blanket itself he associates with her?

Dr. Nichol:

I am so sad for the loss of your wife. She had to have been a special person to rescue DD and his littermates. By being a source of comfort to her, this special dog repaid Honey’s kindness with his loyalty and devotion. Dogs can set a powerful example for us humans.

Research has shown that dogs share many of our emotions, forming strong bonds with us. It was DD’s empathy and kindness that motivated him to snuggle with your wife. He misses that good woman and associates the blanket they shared with his memories of her.  He followed your lead in taking good care of her.

Our pets are more than our best friends. Their love is unconditional and unfailing. They forgive our mistakes and always give us another chance. We are accepted for who we are. You and DD are lucky to have each other. I would hold onto that dog and cherish him. Go ahead and wash that blanket. Honey’s scent is gone but her spirit lives on.

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