Nasal Discharge & Difficulty Breathing

Tooth Root Infections Can Be Diagnosed with Dental X-rays


I took my female mixed terrier for many check ups for, what I thought, was a respiratory problem. There was some thoughts of extracting some teeth. Antibiotics helped but did not totally clear it up. She still has a clogged up nose, which makes her breathing labored. I have given her Benedryl and even tried Noni juice. What else can I try?


Dr. Nichol:

You sound frustrated. This fine dog is way too important for you to be casting about for remedies. It’s time to dig hard for the diagnosis. That infection is now epic in length. If it’s allowed to smolder any longer this baby will have bone loss in her skull. Long term her kidneys, heart, and liver may pay a big price too.


The most likely cause for a stubborn nasal discharge is tooth root infections. Your girl needs dental x-rays to find out for sure. Along with antibiotics, some of those choppers may need to be extracted. On the other hand, if her teeth are normal the x-rays could reveal chronic sinus infections, or worst case, cancer.


Ask your dog’s doctor for a referral to veterinarian who is equipped with dental expertise and dental x-ray equipment. Be aggressive in helping this girl. Move quickly while there is still time. If you get stuck, you’re welcome to give me a call.