Non Pet Owner Annoyed at Neighbor’s Pets

Times have Change since the Great Depression

Dear Dr. Nichol:

Sir, I am so tired of dogs and cats that I could use some old navy swear words. I have 5 neighbors with cats who run wild through my flowers. I smell dog manure on a nauseating scale. I have seen them spend thousands on care of these animals. There seem to be no children anymore, only animals who are treated like children. I grew up during the Great Depression. Need I tell you things were different? Vets took care of valuable animals such as cows, sheep, horses, etc. To call a vet for a dog or cat was laughable!-Much less a column for the “lovelorn” dedicated to pets in the local paper. In those days they were taken care of with a rifle cartridge. This mess is no longer the country I grew up in. Well, “One day Rome was there and the next it was not”. Thanks for listening.


Dr. Nichol:

You’re right. Times have changed. While your neighbors need to take more responsibility for controlling their pets, they have discovered one of life’s joys: simple caring love.


Nowadays we have the luxury of sharing our lives with pets. Those of us who do, stay healthier and lead lower stress, longer lives. Caring for the physical and behavior problems of our critters is just part of the bargain. Be clear with your neighbors about the distress their pets are causing. You have a right to your peace. Thanks for writing.