Dr. Nichol’s Video – Not Jumping Up-A Good Thing

Jumping up can be an annoying behavior. It can also be dangerous if a big dog jumps up on children or elderly people. You can punish, reprimand, or correct a dog who does this but you can damage the relationship. And some dogs think that people are playing with them when they are pushed off. Worst case, there are dogs and even puppies who can react with defensive aggression when a person reacts forcefully.

Most dogs who jump up just want to make new friends but it can turn into a bad habit. Active and exuberant, most jumpy dogs just don’t recognize personal boundaries. They don’t have them, so why should anybody else?

They’re sure that everybody wants their hugs and their spit and their muddy paws. And they keep doing it because they usually get a response. Instead turn your back and ignore – completely.

What a wild and crazy dog really needs is for his person to teach him what to do instead of assaulting everybody’s dignity. He needs a paycheck when he does the right thing – every time.

Have your dog drag a 6 foot leash until it’s second nature. Be ready. At the first hint of excitement on the horizon, step on the leash while completely ignoring. You are such a world class ignorer that there is nobody there.

Not jumping up is a very good thing. It’s what you want. The right behavior always deserves a reward but, in this case, a very gentle one. Quietly pet and tell your dog that he is very good. Repeat hundreds of times.

Doesn’t that look easy? You can do this and so can your dog. All she needs is consistent, canine-specific leadership.

We don’t want her to think of you as her boss, but as her friend who is always right and kind and consistent.

I hope you’ll enjoy this informative video. I invite you to share it with your dog loving friends. They are welcome to pass it along to anyone who could benefit from the help.

All the best,

Jeff Nichol, DVM