Peanuts & Pumpkin for Irregularity

A Steady Diet of Dry Food is Best

I’m a new dog Mom. Is it okay to give peanuts to my little dog?  She won’t eat peanut butter but loves those peanuts.  Is it okay to give can pumpkin when she has not gone #2 in a day or more?  I’ve given her some baby food pumpkin and apple which she loves and that seems to work.  I also give her a 3.5 oz of Cesar gourmet filets along with some dry food twice a day?

Dr. Nichol:
That’s quite a menu. Peanuts are fine, in moderation. While not really nuts (they are actually legumes like beans) goobers have plenty of fat. Generous quantities could transform your little dog into a chunky monkey.

I’m glad you’re monitoring your girl’s intestinal health. Canned pumpkin, a good source of fiber, can be effective for managing mild to moderate constipation but it may be unnecessary. If your little girl’s intermittent bowel movements are firm but not hard, she may not need any treatment at all. Defecating on alternate days may be her normal.

Some dogs have irregular bowel movements because of an intestinal disorder or from too much variation in their diets. For most of them, exclusively feeding a good quality (not the cheap stuff) hard dry dog food keeps everything running smoothly. Your veterinarian is the best resource for a healthy recommendation.